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Terminal Theme for Developers - Streamlined, Customizable Blogging

Originally crafted by Radoslaw Koziel, the 'Terminal' theme has been adapted for Publii CMS by the Publii Team. This free blog theme, designed with developers in mind, blends minimalist design with functionality. It's the ideal stage for showcasing coding projects, technical blogs, and software insights. Experience a blend of simplicity and elegance, where your content shines, supported by developer-friendly features. Perfect for those who value a streamlined, customizable blogging experience.

Terminal Devs Theme


  • Page Alignment: Offers two alignment options – Left and Center, allowing a personalized layout to suit different content styles
  • Post Entry Width: Customizable width setting for post entries with a default of 864px, and an option for full-screen width for greater immersion.
  • Front Page Display Options: Ability to display either the latest posts or a selected post on the front page, providing flexibility in showcasing content.
  • Post List Management: Options to show or hide elements like featured image, author name, date, and tags in the post list, along with a ‘Read more’ button.
  • Hero Section: A customizable hero section with editable text, ideal for introducing the blog or highlighting important information.
  • Mobile Menu Types: Provides two mobile menu styles – Sidebar and Overlay, ensuring a smooth browsing experience on mobile devices.
  • Accent Color Customization: Features a range of predefined color options and a custom color picker for personalizing the blog’s color scheme.
  • Code Highlighting: Utilizes the free Syntax Highlighter plugin to provide code highlighting for various programming languages, enhancing code readability in blog posts.


Dec 11, 2023

Requirements and compatibility

Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Publii 0.43.1 and up

Standard features *

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