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November 10, 2021

ProDocs offers the next evolution in documentation themes for Publii, boasting a range of options that make for a smooth, customizable knowledge base site that’s fast and easy to navigate. Provide a premium user experience and help your users find all the information they need in moments.

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Customisable Post Listing Layouts

A bespoke block layout lets you control the appearance of your article previews, with a multitude of toggles to display the title, date, text, author name and more, with each type of post listing such as tag, author and the frontpage boasting its own set of options. Create unique layouts for each type, and take advantage of special frontpage-specific options including a featured and latest articles section.

ProDocs theme post layoutProDocs theme category layout

Auto-Generate a Table of Contents for your posts

For longer documentation, ProDocs includes a TOC generator that will automatically create a full table of contents in the right-sidebar, with individual anchor links to each header element in the post. The header range is user-specified, so you can choose whether you want to link to all subsections individually, the main Header 2 elements, or anything in between.

Table of content Static Site

Fast and Accurate Searches from DocSearch

Help users find what they want, faster. The ProDocs theme supports two search engines. General websites might want to stick with the standard Google Custom Search, but extensive sites can utilise Algolia’s DocSearch option, custom-designed to work with documentation with intelligent suggestions as the user types.

Docsearch static theme

Highlight your Code with Prism.js

ProDocs integrates Prism.js into the editor, allowing you to highlight code from a huge range of languages as well as add line numbering and a Copy to Clipboard button for even greater ease-of-use.

Code highlighting with Prism.js

Navigation Made Easy with a SideNav Menu

When there’s a lot of documentation to read through users will want to be able to find what they need, fast. ProDocs includes a SideNav menu in the left sidebar that’s always available, with collapsible submenus for a cleaner, clearer layout.

Side navogation with Dropdown menu Vanilla Pure Javascript

Speed-Up Page Loads with Page Prefetching

Page load times are a key factor in user engagement, and ProDocs utilizes page-prefetching to minimize wait times. When enabled, idle browser time is used to find any links in the browser viewport, and pre-load them in the background so that the linked page can be displayed almost immediately when clicked.

Prefetching inner pages

Fluid typography provides readable text on any screen

Like all Publii themes, ProDocs includes a variety of typography options such as warnings, buttons, and tip-boxes to clearly-separate your content, and makes use of Fluid Typography to resize text to precisely fit the screen size, making it clear and readable no matter what device is being used.

Fluid typography HTML

User-Friendly Newsletter PopUp

Newsletters are a simple way to engage with your users, so ProDocs includes an unobtrusive newsletter popup to encourage sign-ups without getting in the way of the reading experience. With multiple customizable options, you can decide exactly when and why it should appear.

Newsletter Popup GDPR friendly

Lightweight for a hyper-fast load time

Speed is of the essence when you’re looking for answers, so ProDocs uses no jQuery libraries or CSS frameworks; just pure JavaScript and custom CSS for shorter load-times. You won’t need to worry about FOUT or FOIT effects in your text either, as the theme uses system default fonts.

Get 3 months of professional support

Getting started with a new theme on a new website can be a challenge, but our experts are here to help. Every purchase of the commercial theme includes three months of support through our dedicated ticket system, so you’ll have efficient and effective assistance with any issues you run into.

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Manage your page look and feel with extensive coloring, menu, social media sharing and layout options, or switch it up completely with one of our many unique themes.

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