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Splitian Fashion-Focused Theme

Sleek and eclectic, the Splitian fashion-focused theme showcases a dichromatic design that'll always be in vogue. Choose from two post layouts, two color schemes, or two post listing layouts, with both touch and mouse-based interaction for a bespoke, personal website.

Splitian Fashion Static Theme

Perfect Parallax Slides

The parallax slider is the standout of the theme, showing off your best content for all to see. You’ll have full control of the content; set it to static content, featured posts, or pull the latest articles from tags of your choice. Fine-control options let you decide exactly how the slider should behave, and how your visitors can interact with it.

Splitian theme Parallax Slider

Two Grid Styles

The parallax slider is complemented with a grid that makes sure that all eyes are on your latest posts. Opt for a standardised grid, or reject uniformity and apply a responsive, masonry-style staggered grid layout, with options for controlling the number of columns to tune your chosen layout to your needs.

Splitian theme grid cards typeSplitian theme Masonry cards type

Set a Contrast with Two Bespoke Colour Schemes

Splitian boasts two colour schemes, light and dark, which can be easily modified in the theme options to find the perfect balance for your site. Whether your want something bright and extravagant, or soft and welcoming, the colour combinations are yours to set

Light color schemeDark color scheme

Meet Colour Scheme Needs, Automatically

Different users have different colour scheme preferences. In Splitian, the colour scheme is automatically adjusted to fit the user’s settings; if their browser is in dark mod, the theme will be dark. If the OS has the light scheme set, so too will Splitian. Enable this option and let users transition smoothly to browsing your website.

Auto color schemes

Flexible, Unobtrusive Animated Side Menu

Users need to be able to navigate your site, but big, ugly menu options can really cramp your style. Splitian avoids this with a neat animated side menu that expands out when clicked. It’s flexible too, with width settings and options to align menu items top or center vertically.

Animated Side Menu

Split Between Two Post Layouts

With two post layout options, you can match the look of the post to fit its photos and text content. Go big with a wide header, or keep on theme by utilising the vertical split header. With galleries and several photo-display options, your content will flow together effortlessly, while staying distinct on the page.

Divided Normal

Divided post layoutNormal post layout

Create Beautiful Galleries

The Publii editors are great for plain text, but inserting images in your post is a breeze. Don’t sacrifice visual appeal to readers with a blasé layout and ho-hum images. The gallery feature makes it easy to add clickable thumbnails wherever you want them, letting readers love your articles that are visually stunning and engaging.

See it in action

Splitian Theme Gallery

Speed-Up Page Loads with Page Prefetching

Page load times are a key factor in user engagement, and ProDocs utilizes page-prefetching to minimize wait times. When enabled, idle browser time is used to find any links in the browser viewport, and pre-load them in the background so that the linked page can be displayed almost immediately when clicked.

Prefetching inner pages

35.00 for 1 year

* Plus VAT for EU customers

What's included

  • ✓ Lifetime usage on unlimited domains
  • ✓ 12-months access to the files and updates
  • ✓ 3-months premium support


Nov 01, 2023

Requirements and compatibility

Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Publii 0.43.1 and up

Lightweight for a hyper-fast load time

Speed is of the essence when you're looking for answers, so our themes use no jQuery libraries or CSS frameworks; just pure JavaScript and custom CSS for shorter load-times. You won't need to worry about FOUT or FOIT effects in your text either, as you can use a system default fonts.

Get 3 months of professional support

Getting started with a new theme on a new website can be a challenge, but our experts are here to help. Every purchase of the commercial theme includes three months of support through our dedicated ticket system, so you'll have efficient and effective assistance with any issues you run into.

Standard features *

Manage your page look and feel with extensive coloring, menu, social media sharing and layout options, or switch it up completely with one of our many unique themes.

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* The available options may vary from theme to theme but they are mostly standardized.