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Ella Portfolio Theme

Are you an artist looking for a fresh and modern theme to showcase your work? Look no further than this new, cutting-edge theme explicitly designed for designed specifically with photographers in mind, providing you with all the tools you need to present your work in the most captivating and visually stunning way possible.

Ella Modern and Clean Photography Theme

Two distinct layouts to showcase your work

Choose between two layouts; display your content on the left or centered on the page. The left layout provides a modern, sleek look that highlights your content. The centered layout offers a more traditional design, allowing you to present your content in a balanced and visually appealing way.

Left Centered

Ella Theme left layout
Left layout
Ella Theme entered layout
Centered layout

Versatile grid options for customized display: flex and masonry with multiple columns

With two grid options, flex and masonry, and the ability to choose between two, three, and four columns, you can display your photos in a way that suits your style. The flex grid lets you easily arrange your photos into rows and columns. The masonry one provides a unique and dynamic way to display your photos, with images arranged in a cascading, Pinterest-like layout. Plus, you can select a different source for your grid, including the latest post, featured post, or posts from a selected tag.

Flex Masonry

Ella Theme Flex grid
Flex Grid
Ella Theme Masonry grid
Masonry Grid

Customizable cards for a unique and personalized portfolio presentation

The cards in your grid can be fully customized to fit your preferences. You can choose to display a featured image, title, maintag, date, and author on each card, or disable any of these elements if you prefer a simpler design. This level of customization allows you to create a unique look for your portfolio that truly represents your style and aesthetic.

Ella cards elements

Multiple color options with auto light/dark mode for optimal user experience

Ella theme comes with eight styles and the ability to create your own color scheme; you can customize your site to match your brand and style. The theme also includes auto light/dark mode, which automatically switches between light and dark themes based on the user’s preference.
beige Website Color Scheme
cloudy Website Color Scheme
gray Website Color Scheme
white Website Color Scheme
brown Website Color Scheme
black Website Color Scheme
green Website Color Scheme
violet Website Color Scheme

Two post template layouts for unique display options

Ella offers two different post template layouts. The first one features the post title prominently displayed over the featured image, providing a sleek and modern design. The second layout places the featured image at the top of the post, allowing for more visual emphasis on the image itself. These two options allow you to choose the template that best suits your content and style. So whether you want to highlight your photography or showcase your latest blog posts, Ella theme has you covered.

Default With a top image

Ella post template with top title
Default post template
Ella post template with top featured image
Post template with a top image

Custom cursor for immersive and engaging user interaction

Ella theme offers a unique and customizable cursor that adds an extra layer of interactivity to your portfolio. You can replace the default cursor with a circular one, adding elegance to your site. Additionally, you can add a “big arrow” cursor to any HTML element, making it easy for users to navigate your site and find the information they need.

Ella Theme Custom Cursor

Visually stunning masonry gallery layout for dynamic portfolio display

Display your photos in a beautiful, modern gallery using the masonry layout, which arranges them in a cascading, Pinterest-like style that highlights their unique qualities. Check out the demo to see how stunning your photos will look!

See it in action

Masonry Gallery Ella Photography Theme

Page prefetching

If you want to keep your visitors around, it’s important to have fast site loading times. With page prefetching, links that are in view in the browser and the user is likely to click on, will be preloaded when they’re idle. This process makes load time almost instantaneous.

39.00 for 1 year

* Plus VAT for EU customers

What's included

  • ✓ Lifetime usage on unlimited domains
  • ✓ 12-months access to the files and updates
  • ✓ 3-months premium support


Oct 31, 2023

Requirements and compatibility

Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Publii 0.43.1 and up

Lightweight for a hyper-fast load time

Speed is of the essence when you're looking for answers, so our themes use no jQuery libraries or CSS frameworks; just pure JavaScript and custom CSS for shorter load-times. You won't need to worry about FOUT or FOIT effects in your text either, as you can use a system default fonts.

Get 3 months of professional support

Getting started with a new theme on a new website can be a challenge, but our experts are here to help. Every purchase of the commercial theme includes three months of support through our dedicated ticket system, so you'll have efficient and effective assistance with any issues you run into.

Standard features *

Manage your page look and feel with extensive coloring, menu, social media sharing and layout options, or switch it up completely with one of our many unique themes.

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