February 09, 2020

Whatever you want to write about, the Mellisa theme boasts the options to make your blog work. A range of customizable colors and layouts lets you give each page just the right feel. whether you want to get technical with programming tips or keep it light with a travel diary, Mellisa has the flexibility to match.

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Make your blog even more unique

Mellisa delivers two different ways to showcase your posts on any pages they are listed. Go for the classic speed and readability of the list view or a fancier grid. As you’d expect, post listings have just as much customization available as your front page; set spacing between items, define the number of grid columns, change widths, switch between several post separators, and set a preferred pagination style.

A flexible hero section

Made the right first impression with your choice of hero section type; either static or slider. Static keeps it simple; a static background image with your HTML content over the top. If you want something a bit flashier, switch to the slider which automatically creates slides from your featured posts. And of course, you have full control over the animation; how fast it plays out, orientation (that is, whether it transitions between slides vertically or horizontally), or whether it should autoplay or not.

Hero section with Tiny Slider

Additional templates

Repetitive pages can get a bit boring, so to make each part of your site unique and identifiable we’ve included three different templates for Mellisa’s post pages, and two for tag and author pages, allowing you to give each type a sense of identity so that users know exactly where they are on your site.

DefaultWith hero and titleWith hero without title

Faster, sleeker galleries

Mellisa introduces a new gallery layout that improves the way pictures are displayed and also includes a new preload option. With it, when a user opens a gallery image it will also preload the one before and three ahead, letting them immediately jump to other images without unnecessary delays.

See it in action

Image gallery Photoswipe

Multiple, unlimited layout options

Customization is a big part of Mellisa’s appeal, with a hatful of layout options for getting your website looking just right. As well as the standard general options such as page width, you’ll also find plenty of options for micro-managing your style. Each element, whether it’s the navbar, footer, hero-section or menu, can be individually customized with its own background, links, text colors and more.

Multiple, unlimited layout options

Google Fonts

Fonts can be a simple way to improve a site’s aesthetics, but they can quickly become unwieldy, forcing users to download multiple fonts and slowing download times. Mellisa gets around this with preset Google Font pairs; pairs of fonts that compliment each other that you can switch between in the theme options, giving your site more style without sacrificing speed.

Google pairs

Newsletter sign-ups made easy

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your regular users, so an easy-to-use, unobtrusive way to sign-up for your updates is a must. Mellisa includes a fully-customizable newsletter pop-up, letting you define your own form code and then choose when it will appear; whether that’s after a time-delay, when a user scrolls a certain distance down the page, or a combination of the two.

Subscribe popup pure javascript

Lightweight for a hyper-fast load time

Speed is of the essence when you’re looking for answers, so Editorial uses no jQuery libraries or CSS frameworks; just pure JavaScript and custom CSS for shorter load-times. You won’t need to worry about FOUT or FOIT effects in your text either, as you can use a system default fonts.

Get 3 months of professional support

Getting started with a new theme on a new website can be a challenge, but our experts are here to help. Every purchase of the commercial theme includes three months of support through our dedicated ticket system, so you’ll have efficient and effective assistance with any issues you run into.

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Manage your page look and feel with extensive coloring, menu, social media sharing and layout options, or switch it up completely with one of our many unique themes.

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