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November 12, 2021

If you like covering a range of topics, then Editorial is the right choice. Boasting beautiful page layouts and a flexible color-scheme that can be unique to each post, it’s the ultimate theme for blogs with lots of articles to share or even a small news site. Top off the package with an informative and stylish frontpage and you’re sure to bring in the page views.

Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
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Use Static Picture or Slideshow for the Hero Section

Your hero section lets people see your biggest stories the moment they reach your site, and we’ve made sure to give you complete control over yours. Choose from a static picture, or get flashy with a slideshow. Choose a traditional slide style, or go for a modern fade-in. Choose the orientation, choose the speed. It’s all about choice!

Editorial theme hero section with sliderEditorial theme static hero section

Choose from Multiple Colour Schemes

Editorial comes with a whole eight different preset color schemes, from an easily-readable dark scheme to a vibrant yellow or a soft blue. You can also create your own color scheme for a unique look!

Switch Up Your Post Layouts

Are images a core part of your story, or do you want the focus to be on the text? With three different post
layouts, you can keep the header small and simple, or go all out with a full-width header image that
provides an amazing intro to your post.

Default Full image + Header Header + Full image

Editorial Static Theme with a divided post layout Editorial Static Theme with full hero post layout

Dedicated Ad-Space

For many users ads are important for keeping their servers running. Editorial includes specific areas forinserting adverts on the frontpage and tags and author pages, as well as on post pages between the title and content, so you’ll be able to blend them cleanly onto your page without ruining your site’s style.

Advertisement on frontpage
Front page
Advertisement on tag page
Tag page
Advertisement on author page
Author page
Advertisement on post page
Post page

Create Beautiful Galeries

The text layout may be rather pretty in Editorial, but that’s no reason to neglect your images; after all, pictures can really bring your page to life! The Publii editor allows you to quickly insert images anywhere in a post, but for that extra pizazz Editorial includes a fast and intuitive gallery that preloads images for even faster user experience.

See it in action

Image gallery for Static Website

Pick Your Font Pair

Fonts can weigh-down your site, making it slower and less-responsive. Get around these limitations with our pre-selected Google Font pairs; a whole sixteen different combinations carefully curated by our expert designers to provide the perfect complement to your content without overloading your site.

Google pairs

Lightweight for a hyper-fast load time

Speed is of the essence when you’re looking for answers, so Editorial uses no jQuery libraries or CSS frameworks; just pure JavaScript and custom CSS for shorter load-times. You won’t need to worry about FOUT or FOIT effects in your text either, as you can use a system default fonts.

Get 3 months of professional support

Getting started with a new theme on a new website can be a challenge, but our experts are here to help. Every purchase of the commercial theme includes three months of support through our dedicated ticket system, so you’ll have efficient and effective assistance with any issues you run into.

Standard features *

Manage your page look and feel with extensive coloring, menu, social media sharing and layout
options, or switch it up completely with one of our many unique themes.

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* The available options may vary from theme to theme but they are mostly standardized.