Publii Themes Bundle

If you can’t decide which premium Publii theme to get, why not get them all? The Theme Bundle Pack bundles all our commercial themes for one low price including 6 months of upgrades and 3 months of premium support. During this period, you will get the next coming Publii themes.

Advantages of All Themes Package:

  • One low price for all premium themes, with 6 months of updates and 3 months of premium support.
  • Any themes released in those 6 months are also included.
  • No website license – use all themes on an unlimited number of domains and websites.
  • Renew access to files with a 50% discount, again with 6 months of updates and any new themes that are released in that period.
  • If the price of the theme pack goes up, existing customers keep the older price (during the renewal process); new ones have to pay a higher price.
Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
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