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Social Sharing

Social Sharing is a premium plugin for Publii CMS designed to integrate social media sharing effortlessly into your website. Supporting 39 different social platforms, it enables users to share your content widely, enhancing user engagement and expanding your site's visibility.

Social Sharing plugin

Multiple Options of Buttons

The Social Sharing plugin empowers you with various customization options for your social buttons, blending flexibility and style seamlessly. It offers multiple display modes, including Icon Only, Text Only, and Both Icon and Text, allowing you to choose how the buttons are presented on your site. This feature ensures a customized look that complements your site’s design, enhancing the user interface while maintaining a cohesive user experience.

Social Sharing button options

In addition to display options, the plugin caters to different layout preferences with its Horizontal and Vertical button arrangements. This adaptability is crucial for integrating the social sharing buttons into various design schemes, preserving the visual harmony of your site. Whether your layout calls for a linear spread or a vertical stack, the plugin accommodates these needs, ensuring an unobtrusive yet accessible placement.

Social Sharing Button Design

Furthermore, the plugin offers multiple button styles, such as Links, Outlined Buttons, and Solid Buttons, each providing a unique visual appeal. This level of customization allows for a more personalized touch to your website’s design, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences. The platform-colored options for icons, text, borders, and backgrounds enable the buttons to dynamically adapt their color scheme based on the social media platform, ensuring a visually coherent and engaging user experience.

Social Platforms

The Social Sharing plugin offers an impressive range of options for social media integration, supporting 39 different platforms. This extensive selection enables website owners to tailor their social sharing features to their audience’s preferences, ensuring maximum engagement and reach.

Along with selecting the most relevant social platforms, the plugin provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for rearranging the order of these platforms. Additionally, you can personalize the platforms’ display names to enhance user engagement. For instance, you can change the default label ‘Facebook’ to a more action-oriented phrase like ‘Share with Facebook’.

Social platforms

Styling Options for Buttons

The Social Sharing plugin offers a rich set of styling options that vary based on the chosen button type. Whether you opt for a link or an outlined button, you can customize aspects like the text, icon, border, or background colors. These options also extend to hover states, allowing for a dynamic interaction experience. Notably, for solid buttons, an innovative feature enables color adjustments on hover using HSLA values. This means you can subtly darken or lighten the platform-colored options, adding a sophisticated touch to the user interface.

Styling options

Layout Customization Features

Beyond design elements, the Social Sharing plugin provides extensive layout customization options. These include the ability to set the gap between the icon and the text, customize padding, and adjust the size of the icons and text. This level of control ensures that the social sharing buttons match your site’s aesthetic and fit perfectly within its layout. Whether aiming for a compact look or a more spaced-out arrangement, these settings allow precise tailoring to meet your design needs.

Social Sharing Layout Options

Advanced Customization

The Social Sharing plugin extends its versatility with advanced customization options, enabling a deeper level of control and personalization for your social sharing buttons.

  • Social Sharing Popup: An optional popup window can be enabled to provide a focused sharing experience. This feature activates a popup when a user clicks a social sharing button, offering a dedicated space for sharing without leaving your site. The dimensions of this popup are customizable, ensuring it fits perfectly within the context of your site’s design.
  • Customizable CSS Classes: For those who require specific styling needs or want to integrate the plugin seamlessly with custom themes, the plugin provides options to assign custom CSS classes to the button and container elements. This flexibility allows for intricate styling adjustments and ensures that the plugin’s appearance is in complete harmony with your site’s unique design.

Social Sharing Advanced Options

Efficient Performance and Lightweight Design

The Social Sharing plugin is exemplary in its efficiency and optimized performance. It intelligently creates a single SVG sprite map containing only the icons for the social platforms chosen by the user. This approach significantly reduces the load on your website, as it avoids loading individual icons for each platform and instead loads just one file.

Coupled with CSS that is customized based on user-selected options, this ensures that only the necessary styles are applied, further enhancing the site’s loading speed. The plugin’s social sharing popup feature, powered by a vanilla JavaScript script, lacks extra library dependencies, ensuring fast and responsive functionality. This design focus on efficiency and performance ensures your site remains swift and responsive, delivering an optimal user experience without the burden of unnecessary resources.

Supported Social Platforms

The Social Sharing plugin for Publii CMS supports a wide range of social media platforms, offering 39 different options to enhance your website’s connectivity.

Here are the platforms available for integration: Buffer, Copy URL, Diaspora, Digg, Email, Evernote, Facebook, Flipboard, GetPocket, Hacker News, Instapaper, Kakao, KooApp, Line, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Mail.Ru, Mastodon, Meneame, Messenger, Mix, Odnoklassniki, Pinterest, Plurk, QZone, Reddit, Refind, Renren, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, Trello, Tumblr, Twitter (X), VKontakte (VK), Viber, Weibo, WhatsApp, Yummly, and XING.

Note: This plugin requires Publii CMS version 0.43.1 or higher and is compatible with the latest theme versions released around October/November 2023. Ensure your Publii setup is up to date to take full advantage of this plugin’s features.

29.00 for 1 year

* Plus VAT for EU customers

What's included

  • ✓ Lifetime usage on unlimited domains
  • ✓ 12-months access to the files and updates
  • ✓ 3-months premium support


Nov 16, 2023

Requirements and compatibility

Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Publii 0.43.1 and up
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