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Lucide Icons

The Lucide Icons plugin seamlessly integrates with Publii CMS, making it easy to add stylish and consistent icons to your website using simple shortcodes. It provides 1468 icons from the Lucide library, allowing you to enhance your site's visual appeal without sacrificing performance. The user-friendly design permits easy customization and adding icons, improving your website's aesthetics.

Lucide Icons Plugin

Key Features of Lucide Icons Plugin

  • Vast Icon Library: The Lucide Icons library provides an extensive collection of 1468 icons, perfect for various applications ranging from social media to user interface design.
  • Customizable Design: Tailor icon attributes such as size, stroke width, and color to align with your website’s aesthetic. The plugin offers a broad spectrum of customization options, ensuring seamless integration of icons into your design.
  • Flexible Shortcode Usage: Using straightforward shortcodes, effortlessly insert icons into any part of your site, including posts, menus, titles, and footers. The plugin supports detailed and abbreviated shortcode formats, giving you control over icon customization while allowing quick insertion with default settings.
  • Responsive Sizing and Positioning: Define icon sizes in various units and align them perfectly with your content. The plugin offers predefined alignment options and supports custom values for precise positioning.
  • Accessibility Features: Includes settings for the ‘aria-hidden’ attribute, ensuring that your icons enhance the accessibility of your website.
  • Multiple Icon Loading Options: Choose between using an SVG map file or embedding SVG code directly within your HTML for icon loading.

Enhance the look of your Publii site with Lucide Icons. This must-have plugin combines style, simplicity, and functionality. To learn more and start using Lucide Icons, check out the plugin’s documentation.


Jun, 12 2024

Requirements and compatibility

Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Publii 0.43.x and up
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